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AYOR Services

AYOR Yachting services.

AYOR Yachting  is a company founded with the aim of taking a leading position in the Yachting industry.
We believe in the power of the know-how that our team has but also in the effective promotion and collection of all the necessary information by looking for specific data that helps us to create a unique management strategy according to the needs of each shipowner individually through a customized approach whose sole objective is the search for the absolute pleasure that a shipowner expects from his vessel.

Yacht management

…with no risk

The Yacht management programs are led by AYOR YACHTING most experienced managers and supported by a cross functional team of technicians and Yacht Specialists.


Our managers they will make sure that every yacht is well taken care of and that owner’s money is carefully and wisely spent. We ensure that each euro spent on every yacht of our fleet is necessary, optimized, and justified.


Our approach is one of hard work, precision, and constant contact. We visit your yacht on a regular basis, in order to liaise with the crew and supervise the projects that are in progress. During that visit, we go through an extensive check list with every crew member and visually inspect all the major technical items of the yacht.


Every month, we produce a very detailed and comprehensive report for owners, going over each aspect of their yacht’s management. This report gives a clear overall picture of what is going on and what is planned.

Technical management

…with no risk

AYOR YACHTING Technical Management Team consists of qualified technicians who provide technical work onboard vessels, as well as shore-based technical support and knowledge. We work closely with the owner, captain, engineer and crew to understand the details of all the technical issues onboard, assisting with the recording and planning for any repair or upgrade required. The Technical Management team will also ensure the yacht is maintained in the condition required by the owner, Classification Society and Insurers and offers assistance if any claims arise or repairs are needed.

At AYOR YACHTING Technical Management services, we coordinate and supervise the following works…WITH NO RISK!


  • Routine maintenance onboard yachts
  • Deal with safety issues
  • Manage classification of the vessel
  • Co-ordination of Classification Society surveys and inspection requirements
  • Customized Planned Maintenance System
  • Oversight of the onboard planned maintenance schedule (including audits)
  • Development of the annual technical and refit budgets
  • On-site project management and quality control
  • Co-ordination of refit planning
  • Emergency 24/7 technical support
  • Condition Surveys and sea trials
  • Yacht Valuation surveys and reports
  • Safety and security Management
  • Insurance consultancy and supervision of insurance claims
  • Maintenance History
  • Analytical database of previous owners maintenance record

Financial management and accounting services

…with no risk

In AYOR YACHTING Financial Management Team our goal is to protect your assets. The responsible management of the vessel’s finances derives mainly from our knowledge combined with the responsibility that we have. In our company, apart from the proper management of your money, we are able to anticipate the financial needs of the boat, to manage and safeguard your property and to redefine the financial needs when it is deemed necessary. The effectiveness of sound financial management is provided through reports that can be provided in a regular basis.

At AYOR YACHTING Financial Management, we provide the following services…WITH NO RISK!


  • Financial control, procedures, and reporting
  • Asset value protection
  • Risk management
  • Maintaining appropriate insurance coverage and management of any claims
  • Audit and control of all expenses
  • Crew bank cards for heads of departments
  • Online banking access
  • Accounting for the yacht
  • All invoices available online (stored in a secure cloud database) for review at any time
  • Budget production and approval, with a forecast of at least 3 months
  • Financial reports to be provided monthly/annually: Profit & Loss, Cashflow, Budget
  • Annual financial statements prepared and delivered timely
  • Financial audits to be conducted if requested by owner or authorities

Agency services

…with no risk

In AYOR YACHTING Agency Services Management Team your mindful pleasure is our aim and we bring all of our knowledge and expertise to ensure that all your requirements are met. We have a team of experts ready to support, assist and cover your requirements with

professionalism and discretion. We deal with any problems that may arise, we fully manage any necessary communication and we coordinate any action to be taken.

The following AYOR YACHTING Agency Services are provided…WITH NO RISK!


  • Bunkering
  • Assisting with local authorities and ports
  • Planning voyage and cruise itineraries
  • Arranging logistics of provisions and stores supply
  • Management of communications
  • Arranging of dockage and suitable berthing
  • Sourcing for any necessary yacht parts and spares
  • Guest and crew transportation and travel arrangements
  • Cash to Master deliveries
  • Flight & Hotel Bookings
  • Private Jet & Helicopter Hire
  • On Board & Ashore Entertainment
  • Restaurant Bookings
  • Private Excursions & Guidance Services
  • Additional Security Services
  • Transport
  • Healthcare Services with private hospitals
  • VIP Services

Crew Management

…with no risk

A successful yacht crew consists of competent members ready to fully respond to your most demanding needs. In AYOR YACHTING Crew Management Team by offering friendly and expert assistance with everything from ongoing training to crew payroll, the combination of our knowledge and our honest advice ensures that our clients benefit from a competent and efficient crew. Our goal is to attract, develop and maintain for you a well-trained crew that will create confidence and security.

We are ready to take over the complete organization of your staff…WITH NO RISK!


  • Verification of qualifications, references and experience
  • Management of hiring and dismissals
  • Crew payroll administration
  • Logistical support with travel, visas, medicals, etc.
  • Organization of ongoing training programs and safety compliance
  • Fully MLC (Maritime Labor Convention 2006) compliant Seafarer Employment Agreements, approved by MLC and flag state
  • Non-disclosure Agreements to protect clients and their guests’ privacy and security.
  • All crew information stored and available on our online platform (including photos, diplomas, documents, hours of rests, vacation, employment documents, background, resumes, etc)

ISM Management

Based on an ISM Code Compliant Safety Management System

In AYOR YACHTING we believe that there should never be a compromise on the safety of guests and crew on board and that safety must be managed in an effective manner. Making a yacht comply with the ISM (International Safety Management) Code is a process that requires knowledge and proper management of the vessel. Diligent on-board inspection and continuous training of the crew keeps us one step ahead in accident prevention. We provide a high and effective system for the implementation of the ISM code with the aim of safe management and operation of the yachts that we manage.





  • Plan for shipboard operations
  • Implementation of the yacht’s procedures and check lists
  • Creation of all the appropriate manuals
  • Implementation of contingency plans
  • Training of the crew on the implementation of the Safety Management System
  • Safety drills
  • Management of the yacht’s certificates
  • Management of crew certificates
  • Maintenance of crew and passenger lists
  • Working Hours management
  • Classification Management
  • Accident reporting
  • Defect reporting
  • Internal audits
  • State Flag Safety